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I suppose this isn't really Safeway's fault, but rather a result of my employment with them.

Pardon me I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Nick, my friends call me LS. I've been working at a safeway in the north west (about 30 minutes out from seattle) as a courtesy clerk for three long years as of this month.

A little over a week ago, it never occurred to me to post this until now, I got a call from the union that I'm forced to belong to, on pain of losing my job. They informed me that the head of our district had been out visiting stores that afternoon. While inside on of those stores, her car was broken into and her briefcase stolen. Inside that breifcase was the personal information of what I understand to be thousands of retail workers in the area--including Social Security Numbers. Everything someone would need to completely steal my identity lost by an organization that has done nothing but dip into my paycheck since I was forced into membership. Wanna know what I got in recompense for this gross error on their part?

Some advice on how to take care of myself now that I am an easy target, and twenty bucks out of the meager restitution I receive from Safeway. In other words, I got nothing.

Honestly I'm quite irate about this whole situation. I've worked, over the years, to gain knowledge about personal security, specializing in computer networks. I was always safe, I took care of myself. And now because of the error of someone who shouldn't have even had access to that data as far as I'm concerned, I've got to watch my back.

Anybody have any similar experiences? Anybody here from the area who was also hit by this?
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