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I'm not sure if this community is still active but if there's anyone willing to answer these question, please do!

I have a few questions to ask, first off:

1) I was just called for an interview for the Safeway in Lakewood. What should I expect in the interview? For example what kind of questions or will I be taking a test on a computer?

2) For those of you who are working or have worked at Safeway, how was your experience? Good, bad, horrible? I want to know how it is compared to say, department store retail because that's what most of my experience has been in. I've had bad customers and really downright stupid ones too.

Any help is appreciated... thanks!
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When I was hired I had an interview, it was a very typical boring interview, and then in training you take some tests.

I've worked at Safeway for 5 years and though I hate the job it apparently was not so bad that I couldn't stay there for five years... However I have been on a leave for the past 4 monthes because I couldn't do it anymore..

But you know, a job really is what you make of it (unless your management team makes it out to be a bad experience). Just never take anything to heart. The good thing about Safeway is that they are VERY flexible in terms of hours and giving away shifts or calling in sick...
PS. It's easier then department store retail, atleast from my experience. There is really no pressure to make sales or upsell, which is the part I really disliked about that type of retail.
Yeah, I had worked for Mervyns (the dept store I was talking about) and they definitely always pushed their stupid Mervyns card on their customers and would cut hours if we didn't meet their criteria! Thanks for the help! :)
Eh it was an ok job until I pissed off one of the union stewards/backup managers by doing the job better then them.
I see. So how long were you working there for?
almost 4 years. I got canned after I had to leave for my great uncle's funeral.
i WORKED THEM FOR 3 YEARS. there are alot of backstabers. you had better be a good ass kisser or you wont get good scores on your shops
and you will get caned .managers are trained to lie in arizona anyway.