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Today at work I was making all of the cashiers stuff flyers in their bags in order to clean up the checkstands a little bit. When I was bagging for one of the cashiers I put a flyer into a bag that I had packed, when the woman picked up her bag she reached in for the flyer and threw it back in my face and totally ignored me. Most customers atleast hand back the flyer and politely say that they don't want it, but instead this lady throws the flyer at me.\

Lucky Breaks, receipts and ignorance.
Is it just me or do many customers see a plastic bag and automatically connect it to a garbage can? I have people throwing receipts and lucky break cards into the bags at the end of the checkstands constantly, and even the bags in the bottle bins. Today some man threw his lucky break into the grocery bag of the customer behind him that I was packing, I picked it up and I replied "I don't think they want your garbage," and he was like "oh..".. like ya think? I just found that so rude.
Also, I am sooooooo sick of finding opened lucky breaks in everything when there are garbage cans everywhere, I hate to think what these people are doing to the environment if this is what they are doing to a grocery store.
Sometimes people just hand me their garbage as if I am obligated to take it because I am wearing a uniform.

Also this is thestrokesln, and I want to know if anyone else can tell me how I can transfer this community from my old account to my new one? meow.
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