Bulrog Cartman (bulrog) wrote in safeway_slaves,
Bulrog Cartman

I may as well introduce myself...

I'm Michael, I'm one of Miya's friends, and I've been a cashier at Safeway since 2003. I actually quit in 2004 but came crawling back the next year after being unable to even get an interview for any other retail job. One thing I like about this job is that I live only a block away from the store, so I don't need to waste any time on the bus getting to work and back. Having cool co-workers is definitely another plus, but the management drives me nuts sometimes.

Anyway, the store I work in seems to believe in having as little staff as possible. I have never seen any other Safeway leave the customer service desk empty during peak hours. Management likes to talk about how customer service is the #1 priority, but they obviously place a higher value on cutting corners wherever possible. Half the time when a customer wants car service I have to call for it three times before someone finally comes. I've even ended up doing it myself a few times, but that's only an option if there are no other customers in line.

On the bright side, about 95% of the customers I get are cool. We're located right next to a major university, and lots of the customers are students and professors there who have interesting things to talk about. One of my favorite musicians also shops there on occasion. The other 5% can make by blood boil, but somehow I manage to get through each shift with my sanity intact.
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