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um, here is a really gross story from my day.. lol

Today near the end of my shift this lady came through the checkstand that I was bagging on with her three children, probably ages 5, 6, and 8 if I had to guess. Occassionally we do get people who come in with these wild children that they can not control and I can't understand why these people just let their children run wild around the grocery store and then give the employees dirty looks when they inform them (the parents of these children) that their child has broken something or as apparently in some cases urinated on something.. I am not a parent but I have had much experience with babysitting many children along with my large catholic family which comes equipped with many young children, so I could be wrong but I wouldn't bet on it but maybe you should disipline your children, set up some rules, maybe these parents are just have fucking terrible parenting skills and don't get out much.. I don't know.. Anyway this ladies two youngest; a boy and a girl, decide that it might be fun to look through the drawers of checkstand number 1 and essentually find stickers and start plastering the checkstand in them as I stand there staring in disbelief and clenching my teeth because guess whos job it is going to be to clean that up? Sometimes I just feel like turning to customers and saying "excuse me could you please control your offspring.." but that feels pretty petty.. Suddenly the little girl decides that she must use a washroom, so she pees.. right there.. on the checkstand... EWWWW!!! And the mother sees this and what does she do? Grabs some paper towel that are under the checkstand, swishes it around and then turns around like nothing happened.... She didn't apologize or get mad at her child or anything, she just kind of ignores it.. So after this lady and her pack of wild animals leave I have to spray sanitizer and mop up this childs urine. All I really have to say about this is.. WHAT THE FUCK?! I really don't get some people.. It is really hard for me to grasp the fact that some child randomly urinated on a checkstand today..
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