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Is there a reason why courtesy clerks don't get regular pay raises like say for example, cashiers?

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Because "No one wants to stay a courtesy clerk forever. They all get promoted before it becomes an issue."

That was the line the union out here in Colorado fed us, and of course it is just a nice little way to make people not see the reality, that most people end up having to stay a CC for a few years before a promotion opens up.
I see. So does that also apply to people who work Bakery and/or deli?
They do here, but top rate is 8.75....... Service clerks aren't paid as much as cashiers because they don't handle money therefor they don't need the extra incentive (apparently?) to not steal it.


October 8 2013, 05:33:17 UTC 3 years ago

Because corporate has little empathy for the people at the bottom who are struggling to make ends meet. Not everyone is capable of doing work that is more challenging than courtesy clerk work. But as long corporate gets their
six and seven figures a year they couldn't care less if the little guy is struggling to stay out of a jomeless shelter!


October 8 2013, 05:37:52 UTC 3 years ago

All workers deserve living wages, but corporate America disagrees!


October 8 2013, 05:43:24 UTC 3 years ago

If someone has been a courtesy clerk for 10 or more years, shows up on time everyday and does what they are assigned to do don't you all think they should get atleast afew raises?