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Hey everybody. So I was hired for the cashiering position, I've taken all the CBT tests/quizzes BUT I'm afraid for the big test coming up. Apparently we HAVE to memorize all 50 produce codes... is that true? and if so, what happens if we fail the codes test? I'm wanting to know cause it's really hard for me to memorize stuff like this, I tried flashcards and it's not really cutting it for me. I would do the keyboard thing but the keyboard I have is on a laptop :\

Any suggestions that would help me memorize this crap?
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Learn them in blocks of 5 or 10 at a time. Drill yourself on those 5, then add another 5 and drill yourself on all 10. Soon you will be able to get them all. You only need to know half of the list they give you, but of course you don't know which half, so you have to learn them all. If you fail you don't pass the CBT and have to do it again.
Dude, when I took the test, my assistant manager stood behind me, and TOLD me all the codes XDDD
whatever! damn, I wish I had an asst. manager to help me out.